Friday, October 20, 2006

What Dreams May Come

This movie reminds me of Mama and Papa. I have written so much but not much about them.

I just can't find the words. It always makes me cry when I think of them. I miss them a lot.

I'd like to tell them that each day I try to be someone whom they can be proud of.

When we are young, we need our parents to take care of us, but when we are older, we need them for support as we try to find our place in this world.

I like the part when he saw his daughter again. I was never really as close to Papa as my Ate Karen was. We always get into an argument because he was so strict with me. I thought it was just favoritism, why he was always so lenient with Ate Karen, but now I understand that he was like that to me because I needed it.

I was naive and still gullible most of the time you know. He knows that although I am a bitch I am just a child.

He likes surprises, and I got this from him.
He was very thoughtful and we used to plan surprises for Mama a lot of times when I was in High School. Sometimes, we'd buy a gift or a card, or sometimes we cook up some tasty dish and we fetch Mama from school for lunch.

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