Wednesday, July 22, 2009

My Happines Poem for Bryan

It's way past my shift and I am still here at the diner singing a happy love song over and over.... and it makes me want to write a poem about how I feel today.

Like sunshine 

and marshmallows

And freshly squeezed orange juice

Like the smell of the dock
At the back of my grandfather's beach house
On a Sunday...

Like pink, red, orange and blue dragonflies
I used to catch at the playground

I kept them safe in between my sweaty little palms

Like hugs from Yumpkin

And a spoonful of Mama's yema

Like staying up all night talking
With your best friends in a tent

Or jamming with Utoy while eating manga't bagoong

On a summer at home

This is how I feel today
And I know it's not just because of the chocolate cake...

I just ate

©2009 Ma. Leonor Jambalos. All rights reserved.

***Blogger's note: Please note that I don't own any of the pictures used above except for my dog's picture.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Our Song

This is for Bryan...

Thank you for coming at the right time in my life. For treating me with respect, kindness and unconditional love. I have never felt this special before.

I am glad I waited for the right guy. You are the best!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Lessons From My Puppy

I am alive again! =) A few years ago I killed myself through cyber suicide. Now what have I been doing in my cave all these time?


I was studying about happiness. About power. About love. About God. And mostly about myself.

I got me a cute classmate named Yumpkin (a shih tzu - it's her 9th month today). Though I tend to think that she got herself promoted to teacher while I have been permanently designated to being her student.

What can you learn from a silly, playful puppy? A lot.

A lot about cleaning after her mess. About forgiveness after she ate 4 pairs of your best shoes and the TV wire. About patience when she wakes you up in the middle of your sleep so you can take her downstairs to pee or poop. About taking care of another creature whose life is wholly dependent on you. About loving as you forgive her little mistakes for being too young and too dependent on you.

I learned about power as she obeys me when I say "Stay!" and in the same way I also learned to be obedient. I learned about a God who was kind enough to send me a dose of laughter to get me through my days through Yumpkin. That happiness is a choice.

That I am thankful I am me, for despite all things, I am still capable of love and kindness.