Sunday, December 28, 2014

Goodbye Yumpkin

"It's just a dog, you'll get over it."

But you see, I really don't know.

She's just a dog, but she doesn't question my decisions and how I make them. She doesn't shout at me, doesn't hurt me. Doesn't think I'm a bitch or that I'm stupid. To her, I was wonderful and I didn't have to prove myself to her to gain her love and her trust.

Yumpkin.June 23, 2008 -December 27, 2014

She would patiently wait for me and understood that I also have a human family that needs my time and energy to be taken cared of. She didn't mind it. She'll wait for me and still think I'm the best.

I have not done enough for her for all the love she gave me.

Thank you Yumpkin for the six beautiful years. You made meaning to my life. You can never be replaced.