Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Kite-Flying with James

Yesterday, I flied a kite, ran across a bamboo bridge, went under slides and played seesaw with James, my 7-year old nephew. It was something that I haven't done in years. Then later we went to Rizal park, took a stroll, fed the birds and ate hotdog sandwich. At around 8 pm I was walking along Taft avenue with an exhausted child on my back and with sore toes.

I have always wanted to do just that. It's good that he is spending his vacation at our house so I'd always have a kid to tag along with me and provide as an excuse for me play around like a kid again.

He was so happy and proud. He wanted to watch Star Wars 3, but later in the day, he admitted to me that it was much better that we didn't because he enjoyed the park better. But the highlight of the day is when we tried to fly a kite. He was pressing me to buy a kite early on, and I am just dying to fly one as well . So we managed to buy one funny looking red kite with orange tails. It's so cute, it looked like a giant red tilapia with humongous eyes. We have been trying to fly it for hours and four guys already tried to help us. It was not until it has gone dark already when James, just sat on the ground--cross-legged, and stared at me as I throw it into the air and watch it crash. He is exhausted, but his Tita wouldn't stop. There I was, running in circles like a dog chasing its tail.

I was whispering to the kite as though it is love. Begging it to fly. But it wouldn't. Then a fourth guy approached me and helped me fly it for the nth time. It wouldn't fly not because of the wind, nor because we might be doing something wrong. He advised me to bring it back to the sidewalk stall where we bought and have it changed. I was hesitant because I don't want to start up an argument with the kite vendor if I say that her kite doesn't fly. I don't want her to think that it was just that I don't know how to fly it. Which is half true.

But I was persuaded that there's something wrong with it. It's too heavy to soar, like it's carrying some grudge. I just told my nephew that if they wouldn't change it then, we'd just leave it there since we wouldn't have any use for it. And he agrees without any of his usual complains.

Luckily 'the kite lady' agreed to change it. And shortly after that we found ourselves running in front of the Quirino grandstand, shouting with joy "Yahooohoo!" It was dark but we could still see our kite flying higher than any of the kites there.

I realized that if a kite doesn't want to fly, the best you can do is find one that does. Watch it soar and enjoy!

Thank you James for such a great day! I promise we'll go out again.

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