Saturday, April 23, 2005


I went into and read an article about blogging. There was this one contributor who sort of said that blogging is too mundane. That most bloggers are anymous, voiceless and senseless writers who just want to write about themselves.

He said that " all these self-glorifications and me-I-centric musings are nothing but pure masturbation and ego-massage. Such bloggers are then reduced to just another senseless writer – anonymous and voiceless. " And I say, who cares?

His words were big. His thoughts--idealistic. He wanted people to write about ideas that can help change the world. Not bad. But we all know we can't change it.

Blogging is mundane. But are we not? That's the essence of our being. If one is not mundane then one had better go back to the planet where one belongs.

I admire the way he strongly expressed his opinion and his ability to elicit some response. But other than that, it's just a blatant egoistic display of the writer's idea--not entirely about blogging but of how he sees himself as an observer... and the rest of us were reduced to mere subjects he can just use to display his "refined taste of web-based literature. "

It makes me want to puke on his face.

Blogging is about angst. About bullshit experiences. It's about our crushes, about what happend in the bus, about the person beside you. About typographical errors and wrong vocabulary. It's for everyone to see. It shouldn't be sanitized. It is an art in itself. It is a journal of people living in this age. It is a mirror of life, and it can't get any better, nor should be anything other that what it is now.

I can trace the vein of his thoughts. I've been there before. But ideas such such as these shouldn't be used in any way to condemn others in obvious pretense of a cause. Intellectuals like him are the ones who are selfish. Egocentric mortals who decry their own mundanity by critcizing others.

People write about themselves and the itsy bitsy nonsense of everyday living because in reality, that' s all that we have. It is alright to dream for change, but I guess it's more important to just focus on what we have and on what we are now. In life, I've so far learned that you can't force people to be what they were yesterday or what you want them to be a few years from now. You just take them as they are, appreciate and love them for the eternal moment, which is the only real thing.

It is rare for me to come upon noble thoughts that keep my tummy churning each night knowing that it's something worthy to pen and publish. However it is more rare for me to just go back to what I was before. When I couldn't find anything "worthy" to write about other than my daily rigmarole. Those blogs are precious--the ones written because the person doesn't know as much. Hasn't been moved as much. Hasn't felt as much.

Just as nobody lives for himself alone, nobody writes for others without having to mean it for himself or without having to take something from it. Everyone writes for themselves and for others at the same time. Taking from his definition then, humanity has never written anything with sense. We are all senseless writers.

He is senseless.... and egoistic. I know I am.

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