Wednesday, April 27, 2005


I imagine myself moving in runescape (online computer game-, and after a deadly battle with the recurring issues in my head, the pressure at work, and the mess at home I went to the general store a.k.a Seattles Best for one javanilla and blueberry cheesecake. I am keeping my fingers crossed that it will give me enough endorphins to be able to "Battle Evil."

After a while. I realized I wanted some roasted chicken. However, I am too far from the farm in Lumbridge (Kenny Roger's at Glorietta) as I am somewhere under the wizard's tower (PS office) mining rune essence. Dead rat's meat would do for now (1 piece chicken meal at McDo)---eewww!

A moment later--I had my QA session. Looks like a ZERO. It's a losing battle at the very start. The deadly scorpion pricked my ankle. And I lay flat on the ground wishing my body would be teleported to the privacy of my room where I'd stare at the cieling and pretend that I am dead.

I realized that most of the time I have always pretended I am dead. Pretended that I don't care. Cared so much in not feeling. But have always felt nonetheless.

I wish I could exist like Purpleowyn, my character in the game. With purple skirt and hair, a mirthil shield and a fire staff, she could wander into the dark woods and battle the wizards alone. She just gotta find her wings somewhere hidden in a cloud of dream dusts, and she'd be perfect. All set without cares.

note: gp is the currency in runescape, 1gp=1 peso


badbadtz-carlo said...

lon, gusto mo number ng shrink ko? :D

as soon as he is through with me, i give you his number... oki?

medio dagdag ka lang ng konti pang gp, it's not happiness, but it can give you back mental health...


lon said...

haha! oo, mental health kelangan ko. :) obvious ba? tnx.