Saturday, August 06, 2011

In My Agents Shoes

I was just like you.

Like Lexi, I was fiesty and rebellious. Brutally honest and crazy like Nina. After all I was just like Kaye --young and carefree. I used to put on make-up while working and had a mirror on my monitor (like Jane). I was unsure on which path to take (Gerwin, at one time). But I tried my best to be strong (Ayie) for my dreams because I couldn't depend on anyone but myself (Dax) until I decided to give my all (Rommel) and tame myself (Cecil).

I digged around my old blogs and now I find myself meeting my self seven years ago. I must have been one tough employee to manage:

" Wednesday, August 18th, 2004 6:24 pm

Purple Angst
How I hate the world today! How I hate the way the keyboard makes me feel stupid. I hate the cold air that make my fingers numb. I hate the rain outside--it will drench and put dirt on the edges of my pants. I hate the callers I got today! I hate the Q.A., I hate my age, I hate the friendster addicts! i hate the stinging pain on my back.
I hate the way i hate the things I used to love.
I hate him.. I hate spaghetti, I hate the stars... I hate these thoughts that wouldn't keep me still. I hate the way time pushes me, when all i ever want is to just breathe for a moment and feel myself.
I am young but the world doesn't seem to be for my age today. Just today....
Maybe I should go get myself a drink and sleep.

Good morning--sleep tight graveyard firefly.

Current Mood: cranky "

And in one blog:

"*ring...ring* that's the landline, as it breaks the silence downstairs. I hear it, but I don't give a damn. *ring...ring* that's my cellphone. " pasok ka today, right?" that's my supervisor in his calm voice. My conscience bugged me. I have the most patient, and the most understanding boss in the planet. "Opo...papasok na po..." my voice sounds sleepy. I told him I am not feeling well. I don't lie to him. If I don't feel like going to work, I tell him straight out. And today, it's true that I am not feeling soul is sick. I realized it's an hour past my shift. I slept a few minutes after that...woke up and screamed "AYOKO NG PUMASOK!"

Have a read at the link above for the full blog if you like. For I was just like you at one time.... Just sharing these with you so you would know that I know how you feel and when say I understand -- I REALLY DO. ;-)

But you can get ahead and turn things around.

For at one point in my not so recent past...I was famous.

Dahil sa office namin, ako ang pinakang pasaway!

Sana wag kayong magpapasaway sakin ha? ;-)

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