Wednesday, September 20, 2006

A Nonsense Post About a Personality Quiz Result

You Have A Type B+ Personality

You're a pro at going with the flow

You love to kick back and take in everything life has to offer

A total joy to be around, people crave your stability.

While you're totally laid back, you can have bouts of hyperactivity.

Get into a project you love, and you won't stop until it's done

You're passionate - just selective about your passions

O ayan, papaka-self centered muna ako at kakareerin ko lahat ng quiz dun! hehe
Pero totoo to. Type A konti, pero maski parang carefree ako, ang totoo mdami ako plano at pangarap sa buhay. Charing! Anong kalokohan ito?! :-) Gusto mo mag-business? Idamay mo ko, at idadamay kita sa mga raket ko. ;-) Life is good!

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